• Fluorescent image data scanning & reconstruction of Caduceus SpinScan microarray scanner is controlled by BioScan Control.

  • Real-time data scanning and transmission between scanner and the controlled computer by using USB3.0 for data transmission, digital image processing, and real-time preview of the fluorescence images reconstruction. 

Step 1:Scan Parameters Setup
Scan mode and the related parameters setting.

Step 2:Scan Process Control
Start scanning by press “Scan” or  “Stop” button to stop scanning.

Step 3 :  Scanning Image Preview 
User can preview the scanned image. 

Step 4 :  Get output TIFF images
Get output TIFF images (16bit) when finish the scan process.


  • SAD (selected area detection) scanning function

(a) Selected area

(b)Scanning image preview

(c) Selected area histogram

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