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Disk Model

From Optical to Biomedical


Our specific Disk Model is originating from the well established DVD technology. The scanner is used for fluorescence image capturing of DNA or protein microarray. Six glass slides with the standard size (1”x3”) can be loaded on an 8” slide holder and rotation scanned by red and green laser beams simultaneously. 

Dynamic Auto-Focusing

always reliable

Problematic laser focusing maybe resulted from the eclusive changes in the glass slide. That will come with suspicious data by over/under focus. Caduceus dynamic autofocus continually adjusts to keep the features in focus and generating effective and efficient result.

The laser beams are dynamically focused on the surface of microarray slide based on the auto-focusing function using the focus error signal (FES). The auto-focusing of the laser beam is controlled using the focusing voice coil motor (VCM) to adjust the vertical distance between the objective lens and the surface of the sample slide on the basis of the FES (= (A+C)−(B+D), where A, B, C, and D are the intensities of the four divided regions of photodetector).

Single Point Focus
Suspicious data resulting from over/under focus

Caduceus Dynamic Autofocus
Reliable data all the time

圖片2 (1).jpg
圖片1 (1).jpg

Extended Dynamic Range(XDR)

16 bits to 20 bits

without XDR process (PMT 100%)

with XDR process

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