HC-BS01/02 scanners based on a modified optical pickup head have the following features:

(1)High resolution: 1 μm (optical) and 2~40 μm (scan).
(2)Multiple chips: 6 chips/run
(3) High speed: <4 mins/chip (1” x 3”).
(4)Low cost: 1/2~2/3 cost of  conventional scanners
(5)Lightweight: 19.7 kg 


Major Features



HC-BS01/02 scanners offer a universal, simple and cheap platform for image capturing and analysis of microarray biochip, which is widely used for cancer diagnoses, pharmacogenetics, agrigenomics, and preventive medicines.

Feature I – Dynamic Focusing

Automatic Focus Control

擷取 (1).png

Feature II –  Micron Beam Size

Focused Laser Beam Spot ~ 1 μm


532 nm
FWHM x= 0.926 μ
FWHM y= 0.866 μm


635 nm
FWHM x= 0.913 μ
FWHM y= 0.901 μm

Feature III: SpinScan Control Software

  • Automatic control of scanner system

  • Friendly interface (GUI)

  • Fool-proofing features

Feature IV: Bio-Image Analyzer Software

Bio-image analyzer.jpg
  • Friendly Interface (GUI)

  • 2 color mode

  • Adjustable of contract and brightness

  • Resizable arrays of blocks and feature-indicators

  • Dynamical translation/rotation/tilting of blocks and feature-indicators

  • Automatically align of feature-indicators with features

  • Computing intensities of feature and background, intensity ratios, and SNR

  • Automatically calculate and display histogram and scatter (M-A) plo