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Caduceus Biotechnology Inc.

Derived from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan in 2016, our innovative company specializes in designing and manufacturing microarray scanners and related custom-tailored products. Our team members boast extensive expertise in optoelectronics and biomedical engineering.


Caduceus SpinScan Microarray Scanner HC-BS01 is produced based on a modified optical pickup head (OPH) for the reading and capturing of emitted fluorescence signals of microarrays.  Dual OPHs are used for the guiding of green and red laser beams individually to scan the microarray. The laser beams are dynamically focused on the surface of microarray based on the auto-focusing function using the focus error signal (FES). A voice coil motor (VCM) is used to control the movement of the objective lens along the z-direction based on the servo signal of FES. The emitted fluorescence from the microarray is collected by confocal optics using a fiber with a diameter of 200 μm as an aperture located on the confocal point of light source, which can greatly reduce the noise outside of the emission spot and increase the signal to noise ratio and dynamical range of the scanner.


Two self-developed software of fluorescence image capturing (BioScan Control) and image analysis (BioImage Analyzer) are used to scan the microarray and to analyze the image data, respectively. The operation interface is user-friendly to operate automatically. CYC

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